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3 Effective Ways You Can Secure Your Property’s Windows

Protecting your Bluffton home from unwanted visitors always starts with securing all entry points. When potential entrances are either under surveillance or fortified to prevent break-ins, burglars will be less enthusiastic to try invading your...Read More

Getting Your Home Security In Check Before Fall

While summer might be in full swing in SC, fall will be here before we know it. As we approach these dog days of summer, it’s important to consider the upcoming season and how it presents unique security concerns. If you’ve just secured...Read More

4 Advantages of Cloud Surveillance For Your Healthcare Organization

Healthcare facilities face significant security challenges that aren't always met with an on-premise system. From protecting patient medical records/confidentiality to overseeing employee activity and patient care, Cloud Video Surveillance offers a...Read More

Alibi Cloud VS Customer Success Stories DayGlo

DayGlo’s multi-site business was growing. But, with that growth came new security challenges. Recent trespasser activity and acts of vandalism pushed management to find a reliable, 24/7 surveillance system that would meet their demands of...Read More

Motion Sensor Lights Are A Must For Late Summer Security

While summer days might be long and bright in Bluffton, SC during June and July, the same can’t usually be said by August. You will notice that around midway through August, the days start becoming shorter, and they will continue to grow...Read More

4 Ways to Make Schools Safer With Cloud Surveillance

As school campuses around the country remain closed and prepare for virtual instruction, there’s a greater need than ever for schools to remotely monitor and secure their school campuses. From break-ins to natural disasters, this blog post...Read More

How To Keep Your Healthcare Facility Safe With Robust Security

Hospitals in Bluffton are busy places with people in and out at all hours of the day and night. Add to that traffic are also many different types of people which leads to serious issues with security. 75% of workplace assaults occur in health care...Read More

Safeguarding the Home for the Elderly

Aging in place is something that nearly 90 percent of people over the age of 65 want to do. However, for this to happen, certain safeguards in a Bluffton home need to be put into place to help prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening. Today,...Read More

5 Ways To Have A More Secure Home

Life has changed a lot for people living in SC thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing that hasn’t changed is a crime. Assault, violence, and theft occur even when people spend more time at home. This is a big fear for many in Bluffton,...Read More

Protecting Your Home While You’re On Vacation

If you’re about to go on a vacation with the whole family, it’s important to keep your home’s security in mind while you’re away. When you leave your SC house dark and unkempt for a long time, that’s usually when the...Read More

How A Home Security System Can Benefit You And Your Loved Ones

As of late, COVID-19 has taken the United States by storm. Bluffton residents are not immune to symptoms brought on by the novel coronavirus. Although this story is not going away anytime soon, the time has come to discuss various kinds of threats,...Read More

School Security Upgrades Ahead Of School Reopenings

Many schools in SC and the rest of the country are finalizing their plans for welcoming students back after being closed for several months due to COVID-19. While the members of school staff work hard to ensure the health and safety of their...Read More

4 Reasons Daycare Facilities Need Cloud Surveillance

Cloud video surveillance offers the daycare industry a simple way to improve its security, liability, and compliance challenges with an ultra-secure off-premise solution.  This can lead to stronger teams, simpler security operations, and more...Read More

Security Camera Systems And Strong Summer Storms

Throughout SC, thunderstorms get stronger and occur more frequently in the summer months. You may count on your security camera system to keep your home in Bluffton, SC safe by deterring crime and capturing evidence, but it may protect your property...Read More

Considerations To Keep In Mind While Pricing A Home Security System

A home security system is a beneficial investment. It helps protect your Bluffton property from burglary, fire, home intrusions, and other environmental disasters. It also ensures that you and your family are safe all year round. However, some may...Read More

Ways Supermarkets Can Benefit From Having Security Cameras

There are plenty of supermarkets right here in Bluffton. Some of them are big, while others are small. Consumers can pick and choose among them when they need to purchase necessities. Therefore, owners of the establishments must think outside of the...Read More

4 Ways To Have A More Secure Home

Every homeowner in Bluffton, SC is facing some extraordinary circumstances today. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, but unfortunately, it is the USA that is the worst-hit country on the planet. For many living in Bluffton, SC,...Read More

Cybersecurity Threats In Remote Work Environments

While SC companies and employees alike are excited about the shift to remote work, so are cyber attackers. A shift to remote work means employees will operate outside of the protection of the company’s IT security. In a remote work setup, both...Read More

3 Reasons Why Deploying a Hybrid Cloud Model is the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business

Adding cloud cameras to your existing on-premise security system can provide redundant video coverage, with guaranteed storage in the cloud. This ensures you will always have access to footage whenever you need it and reduces the possibility of...Read More

Home Basics How To Properly Secure Your Home's Entrances

Keeping your Bluffton house properly secured requires a deep understanding of your property, the people who live there, and all vulnerable points that burglars may attempt to exploit. Entrance points are probably the most notable susceptible areas...Read More

Invest In These Home Security Options If The Second Round Of COVID-19 Stimulus Goes Through

It is still too early to tell, but there are indications that Americans could receive more stimulus payments to combat financial difficulties brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump recently announced that he wants citizens to...Read More

How To Pick The Right Surveillance Camera For Your Home Security

When you begin researching home security cameras, you’ll quickly learn there are thousands of options on the market. Each type of home security camera uses different technology, offers unique features, and requires a specific kind of...Read More

The Best Places To Install Home Security Cameras

If you are looking for security cameras or have already bought some, then you are aware of how they can help ensure the safety of your home and your family. Through the years, many homeowners have realized how important it is to have an effective...Read More

Home Security System Should You DIY Or Hire Professionals?

Home security systems continuously evolve as time goes by. From simple locks to technology-driven equipment, homeowners now have more options.  Finding the best home security system requires you to consider various factors, including your...Read More

Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Caused an Accelerated Push for the Cloud?

As the economy recovers and many employers plan for a more remote-friendly future, experts say this pivotal turn could accelerate a shift to cloud services for employers of every industry. This blog post will examine cloud surveillance benefits, and...Read More

3 Ways Surveillance Cameras Can Be Of Use In A Business Setting

Businesses, including the ones in Bluffton have all sorts of things on their plates today. For one, proprietors are having to alter practices and employ new strategies because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also the problems that plagued...Read More

Alibi Security Cloud Success Stories Sights Sounds and Speed

The owners of a popular West Virginia mechanic shop needed to protect their business with high-resolution video, advanced analytics, and secure storage. Between expensive unattended vehicles and a home-based business, they needed more than the...Read More

Make The World Feel Less Dangerous And Scary With These Home Security Ideas

There is plenty of good in the modern world, but let's face it; there is plenty of bad too. News outlets, including those right here in Bluffton, always seem to be covering stories about home invasions that lead to shootings, rapings, and more. The...Read More

Security Cameras Help You To Feel Better In Your Home

Americans are seriously stressed out. Whether in Bluffton, SC or anywhere in the United States, individuals are feeling the pressure from their jobs, their families, and their broad range of life obligations. When they come home, they should have a...Read More

Preventing Home Invasions this Summer Tips and Tricks

Summer is the time of the year where many Bluffton families find themselves spending more time outdoors than indoors. It is also the time of the year that is often regarded as a home burglary season because many people are out doing activities...Read More

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